Latest Trends in Resume Template Samples

It is time to freshen up your job search and resume. Mentioned below are the top 8 resume sample trends for 2016.

(1) The Social Media Resume Template
Let us face the facts: social media sites are affecting your job search. If you have created profiles on any social media sites, your online presence can be viewed by the prospective employer with little effort. In fact, nearly 90% of employers are utilizing some social media site in their search for new talent. Therefore, instead of sitting back passively, use social media platforms actively, which is the latest trend when it comes to resume samples.

(2) The Infographic Resume Template
This resume sample has been around for the last couple of years; however, candidates are yet to make best use of it. The infographic resume could turn out to be an interesting and engaging way to stand out among your competitors. It is not just a favorite with those who are visually oriented; on the contrary, it is the most preferred resume sample in the right industry and the right context.

(3) The Facebook Timeline Resume Template
You must be thinking we are kidding; however, we are not. One of the latest resume sample trends is creating a timeline resume on Facebook. This type of online profile can help contribute to your professional branding, direct what recruiters can see about you, and further position you as an SME (Subject Matter Expert).

(4) Video Resumes Template
Video resume samples are not a replacement for the traditional paper resume; however, it can effectively complement the latter. A video resume is yet another avenue that you can utilize to showcase your accomplishments and successes in your career. In this way, prospective employers stand a better chance of knowing you and your presentation skills. Scores of websites give you the ability to upload video resumes. On the other hand, you may include it on your own professional website or blog.

(5) LinkedIn Resumes Template
Many recruiters are of the opinion that LinkedIn profiles and resumes are interchangeable. This is the latest trend in resume samples. The prospective employer will have a look at your resume and then check out your LinkedIn profile or vice versa. Prospective employers want additional info when it comes to new recruits. Therefore, perform thorough research and devote enough time in optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Moreover, make it easy for recruiters to locate your online profile by including your custom LinkedIn profile URL in your resume.

(6) Resumes of High Standards
Job seekers are getting wise when it comes to getting rid of traditional and worn-out resume samples. Smart candidates know the fact that to stand out from the rest they need to present a neat, polished, and straightforward resume that gets rid of the fluff, such as details about being a good team player and possessing excellent communication skills. On the contrary, they focus and emphasize on their strengths and what value additions they bring to the new organization.

(7) Graphs and Charts
The latest trend in resume samples is making your resume visually appealing and colorful. What better way to display your achievements than in color, especially if you have a penchant for creating simple charts and graphs. Text-only resumes are outdated. Get creative with visual effects and make your content reader friendly. Graphs and charts have been used effectively by sales managers to demonstrate revenue and profit margins; however, this technique applies to a diverse range of positions and industries.

(8) Quotations
When you are seeking ways to enhance your brand value and lend credibility to your overall successes, a quotation from a former immediate supervisor or client may just do the trick in the hiring process. The ideal quote should validate your success, credentials, and the benefits and value you bring to the new organization.

These were the latest trends in resume samples for the year 2016.